3 Rivers Guide Service has great, fun and experienced people who love the outdoors, all with years of experience in the Maine woods!

In 1999 3 Rivers Guide Service was founded on a premise of providing a quality hunt with care of the customer in mind. We would like you to consider choosing 3 Rivers Guide Service coming in as a customer and leaving as a friend.

The 3 Rivers team works year round to provide a quality hunt. 3 Rivers is situated in one of the most picturesque places in Maine, where there is so much to see. Whether you like to hike, snowmobile, camp, explore, canoe, fish or hunt, we have it all here or in the surrounding area for you to enjoy.

At 3 Rivers we can accommodate small and large groups. The staff at 3 Rivers will cater to your needs and will provide you with information to make your trip enjoyable and successful. We are close to the Interconnected Trail System (ITS), close to Mt. Katahdin, and have access to many lakes and ponds.

As for hunting, 3 Rivers has access to many private areas that have abundant game. The 3 Rivers team specializes in Black bear hunting. You already know that Maine is rated as one of the top five states to harvest a black bear. The management of the black bear population is closely monitored and is considered flourishing in our state with a healthy population that is growing. We manage over 80 bait sites spread out over 27 square miles of prime bear habitat. Each year, we harvest several bears over 400 pounds and have had bears over 600 pounds.

Other hunting and fishing opportunities abound in our area as well. Each year many deer over 200 pounds are taken and if your lucky enough to obtain a moose permit, we have several areas that hold many large bulls. 3 Rivers is fortunate to have exclusive rights to hunting areas where there are no other hunters except our clients. On any given day if you were grouse hunting you could see over 20 birds. We also have some of the best rabbit hunting in the area, where many of our clients harvest their limit.

In closing, my team at 3 Rivers will do their utmost to make your stay a pleasant experience. As far as the hunting and recreation team , 3 Rivers cannot give guarantees of harvesting an animal, but we will give you 100% dedication and commitment to provide a quality hunt experience.

Thank you for Considering 3 Rivers,
Gordon Foster & The 3 Rivers Team

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Gordon Foster

Registered Maine Guide
30+ years of experience
As a Maine Guide and owner of  3 Rivers Guide Service it is my pleasure to assist you in the hunt of a lifetime. I have been hunting the region for 25 plus years,  and as my knowledge grew I decided to start a Guide Service.  My passion is Black Bear, a major reason in why we pride ourselves at “3 Rivers” where we specialize in Trophy Black Bear Hunts. My greatest joy is to have people come to “3 Rivers” as a client and leave as a friend.


Gordon’s Black Lab that is always up to camp




3 Rivers Guide Service
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